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The Ersatz – Kill The False Inside You



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The Ersatz – Nantes, France
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Photography Cover – Danielle Tunstall Mastering – Arco Trauma Music | Lyrics | Mix | Artwork – The Ersatz
Genre: Alternative Shock Industrial
Biography: “The Ersatz is an insurrectionary group anticipating the destruction of the government in place that alienates humanity, the conditioning that controls your life is the target. We’re just numbers, by-products of a lifestyle obsession. We are overrated, we are no longer human but a palliative to our own lives, feeds and educated tasteless, indoctrinated by divine lullaby that dodge reality, lobotomised by ugly cultural mass mind and insecurity stuff created by governments puppets! Do we make our own choices? Take and become your own! Kill the false inside YOU! Be aware of The Ersatz within! And make it end! KILL THE FALSE INSIDE YOU!”
Amen to that!
Exordium A rather creepy and eerie track that is highly disturbing. Very unusual and creative in its own way. Its fresh approach is laden with sinister structures of sheer and unadulterated rhythmic pleasure.
Intruder under my Skin Another unusual array but this time the harshness is more apparent and mesmerising with vocal steeliness and rhythmic swathes that lunge with hyper tones of addictive proportions – Great track!!
Mind’s Nails Gnarly and grisly just how it should be!  The vocals seethe under a constant rhythmic flank of awesome! It stomps and parades a certain boldness with expectations exceeded.
Dead Space Parasite Deep resounding thumps of drums again stomp to a swagger of catchy rhythms and leaves the emotions well satisfied. It intoxicates you in large amounts and offers a captivating presence with anthemic groove!
One More Scar With a rather strange voice effect this track bristles into view and holds a rather eerie attitude.  The vocals are cleaner than previous and sung more in a punk vein although still captivating.
Obey Industry Erupting from its core are a plethora of sampled voices that harbour a spacey theme with strange jangling and mutated ambiance. As the track fills out it scoops you along on its inventive and creative journey.
Hybrid Children More ungodly intervention as this track fires out an enthusiastic rhythmic pattern of persuasion of enthralling notes of equally enjoyable passion. Vocals return to their harsh state and a haunting keyboard melody ensues. – Another great track!
Embryo Born from Fire Casting a dark shadow over the proceedings are more sampled voices and a harsh crust of noises that simply engage and simmer until finally bursting out of their restraints and igniting into a frenzy of melodic compulsion.
Spasm of Paranoia Equally dark and robotic such is its strength to compel and enthral with large slabs of rhythms that stir and ferociously attack the senses. It is an emotional turmoil that wraps around the ears and wounds with intent to attention grab.
Put to Death Bubbles with a sneaky rhythm and stalks. Battering the emotions into a submission that you don’t mind succumbing to. Under the weighty slabs of rhythms the vocals intertwine with harsh severity and burn with wild tenacity.
Winterguts Pulsing rhythms start and then turn to a more levelled structure that offers a droning and imposing creativity. A most unusual track that is edgy and parades with evil mischief.
———————————————— “This album grips and grips so tightly it is bound to warrant further investigation. It is creative, unusual and very addictive. The intensity never lessens in fact it grows with each track!” ————————————————
System Failure A delicious start offering highly pleasing keyboard melodies that hit like acid rain with a superb vocal that sounds like something from a space movie. Captivating with its rhythmic ebbing and flowing to the myriad of sampled voices and inescapable lures that warrant a full listening pleasure. Another superb track.
Kill the False inside you The sound is like a heartbeat pumping against a hardened wind with stomping feet. Its breath escapes into a scream amid a choir of haunting voices, and a staged vocal accompaniment of harsh seething – again very unusual and pleasing to the ears.
Summary This album grips and grips so tightly it is bound to warrant further investigation. It is creative, unusual and very addictive. The intensity never lessens in fact it grows with each track.
Its masterful bait fully engages the senses and emotions. It is a pity I never carried on my French lessons at school as the final track houses an evil voice that speaks French in a monotone ambiance.
The album expresses its unique qualities in such a crafted way that invokes a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ and has lots of contagious addiction added to its bulbous structures but kept within certain boundaries that still makes it pleasurable.
The keyboards are not over-done and add-in hints of haunting melodies that leave you transfixed.
It could be described as black judging by the names the band uses with a hint of punk – vocally, definitely industrial, but you make up your own mind, it matters very little as this album goes into overdrive and pulverizes the senses with relish!
‘The shock Industrial’ element to the album is for me a resounding success – anything that shocks musically is most welcome in my book, and The Ersatz do that with intrigue and ingenuity.
What is unveiled here are meaty slabs of industrial bred unpredictability. It is potent and punchy and emerges as an ultimate winner!
Definitely recommended listening – if it is the ‘shock experience’ you crave! This band hit the nail on the proverbial head

Track List: Exordium Intruder under my Skin Mind’s Nails Dead Space Parasite One More Scar Obey Industry Hybrid Children Embryo Born from Fire Spasm of Paranoia Put to Death Winterguts System Failure Kill the False inside you

Pagan Hel Review – Kill The False Inside You published 10/24/14