THE ERSATZ « ONE SHOT ONE KILL » (Extended Version – HD)

Music|Lyrics: The Ersatz

Video Director: Nick Norman

Mastering: Arco Trauma [Audiotrauma, Chrysalide, Sonic Area…]

Label: Finisterian Dead end |

#KTFIY First Album still available:

#RTFIY EP Coming in spring

Second album coming in 2015


[One More Scar] [ HD ]

Camera-Lady: Lucie Inland
Video Edited by XXVII ERSATZ

[Dead Space Parasite] [ HD ]

Camera-Lady: Lucie Inland
Bondage Support Logistic: Evan Elektrixx
Video Edited by XXVII ERSATZ

[Dead Space Parasite] [Trailer HD]

Videoclip upcoming in autumn 2012.
We had lots of fun to do and watch this funny trailer. We hope it will make you laugh too. The irony and cynicism which emerges on it is decidedly voluntary.

Video Sharpshooter: Lucie Inland:

[System failure]
« [...]
Every system : falling apart.
Every system : falling apart.
I’m the scar of redemption.
The problem of your solution.[...] »

Shoot & edited by XXVII

Kill the false inside you, be aware of the Ersatz within.
We support and dedicate this videoclip to :

[Hybrid children]
« Listen contamination

Enjoy your FALLEN

Forgotten EDEN

God’s machination

Life substitution

No objection.

Hybrid children. [...]« 

Video shoot & edited by XXVII